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Hi! Welcome!

My name is Tapy Nicole, I am a NYC based makeup artist, born & raised in Puerto Rico. I moved to New York in 2013 to pursue a career in film/tv, while working for broadcast news I decided to immerse myself into the beauty industry. I studied at Make-Up Designory in Manhattan and started working freelance anywhere they needed makeup.

Today I have been working as a full time makeup artist for over two years and am excited to continue expanding my knowledge and creativity. I have experience working with various New York based photographers as well as working on web series, commercial shoots and short films. I also have worked in retail as a color consultant, where I gained an incredible knowledge on products and client concerns. Currently I work for GlamSquad as well.

I am educated in cosmetic application techniques of various kinds and can tailor each look to the setting, lighting, wardrobe, facial features and hair color of the client and/or talent. I also have experience with special fx makeup as well; bald caps, injuries, scratches, bruises, prosthetic application, etc.

I love when people express themselves through makeup, my only hope is to help you achieve the look you envisioned. 

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